Saturday, May 7, 2011

Judge not?...

Have you been accused of, or have you accused anyone of 'judging' recently? I have noticed this word being used repeatedly, and for several weeks I have been compelled to write my feelings regarding it.

I am sure that what I am about to write will offend some. My intention is not to offend anyone. However, almost 46 years ago I was blessed to be born in the United States of America. Although in the last 46 years things have DRASTICALLY changed, I still very firmly stand on my inalienable rights as a Free American. My inalienable rights include freedom of speech and expression, and you might say that I am now launching both…courageously and proudly.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger said it like this, “I think the only people who don’t want you to make judgments are the people who don’t want to be judged, because they know what they are doing is wrong. They are defensive.”

I once heard a story of a man that was standing in a voting line one day, and overheard a woman justifying her foolish choice for president by saying, "Well, we aren't supposed to judge." Imagine that! Choosing NOT to judge a political candidate on election day! No wonder our nation is in such a horrendous mess!

Our society has indoctrinated us to be ‘politically correct’. Alcoholism, drug use, and continual immoral lifestyles are now ‘diseases’. Diseases? Excuse me??!! A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism. It is a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. A disease is something that YOU CAN’T CONTROL!! Cancer is a disease! Alcoholism, drug use, and immorality are NOT diseases!! People that practice them simply, have no discipline, conviction, or principles!

I suppose that some would say that I am guilty of ‘judging’ after reading that last paragraph. (Ironic observation...when accusing one of ‘judging’, aren’t YOU then guilty of the same?)

I have chuckled when I have heard self proclaimed heathens (or simply ones who live like heathens) quote the scripture “Judge not that ye be not judged’, as a rebuke or reprimand to those who live in this great Democracy, and are simply stating their beliefs or opinions.

These types of scriptures are sometimes thrown in the face of Christians to invoke feelings of guilt and shame, when said Christians whom I might add are ‘Free Americans’, state their opinions or beliefs. To that I say, unless you live by ALL of the Great Book, it is deceitful and fraudulent to use it’s sacred verses at your whim or convenience.

To those of you who frequently quote it out of context, and have no idea where it is found,….Matthew 7:1 says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

Regarding Matthew 7:1-5. The context allows judging after you have first judged YOURSELF. Jesus did not make a blanket statement against judgment!

A ‘holier than thou’ and prideful attitude is one I refuse to own, and I do not condone, nor do I practice a daily dose of ‘judging’ people. However, now that we have established first, that here in America our inalienable rights INCLUDE freedom of speech and expression, and I who have made it my life’s objective to live by ALL of God’s Word, do not feel guilt when having an opinion, nor will I keep silent when I hold true a belief that is sacred to me, and I feel it is being compromised.

A quote I found most interesting; "He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Henry David Thoreau.

There are things that I don’t plan on ‘cooperating’ with. I humbly pray for wisdom and courage. Silence is not an option, and charity MUST always be a top ingredient…but, silence is not an option.

Before I end this ‘write’, I am obliged to be ‘politically correct’. (*Smile & Wink*)

Democracy is communication: people talking to one another about their common problems and forging a common destiny. Before people can govern themselves, they must be free to express themselves.

Citizens of a democracy live with the conviction that through the open exchange of ideas and opinions, truth will eventually win out over falsehood, the values of others will be better understood, areas of compromise more clearly defined, and the path of progress opened. The greater the volume of such exchanges, the better!!

Democracy thrives upon the energy of citizens who are sustained by the unimpeded flow of ideas, data, opinions, and speculation.

Free American, signing off.


Hanna said...

Now that, THAT, was powerful and so very true. This is definitely something I've been feeling for awhile but couldn't quite verbalize...thank you.

If you don't mind, I'd like to post a link to this post on my blog.

God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

After stumbling across your blog post, I feel compelled to respond. A lot of deep heart felt emotion is evident in the post. It's an indicator of care and concern. Jesus said, "He who commits sin is servant to sin." This day is a very dark day in which we live. The American Society has become very ignorant of the Word of God and has a very skewed moral compass, which probably is attune with Hollywood produced movie and television show on-screen characters. It's a sad day, and the only hope that has ever been and is is the church.

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Betttzy said...

Thank you for expressing for me and I venture to say for many. May GOD bless you with HIS Highest and Best.


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